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This new site intends to sustainingly keep growing, providing all the useful links you need.

Wallets – One of the most trusted, well known open source software wallets – Free and Open Source Hardware and Software Solutions for Storing Bitcoin with maximum sovereignty – Feature-rich open-source wallet offering souvereign solutions for Storing Bitcoin – Awesome stateless highly secure DIY hardware wallet for cheap – The likely most recommended hardware wallet for true security and privacy bitcoin enthusiasts
Blockstream’s Jade – Hardware wallet by Blockstream. Simple device, fully open source, highly secure, pure Bitcoin
Krux – Awesome stateless, air-gapped highly secure highly feature-rich wallet similar to SeedSigner
Phoenix – Likely the best Lightning wallet for people who don’t run their own Lightining node. Non-custodial.
WalletofSatoshi – Infamous custodial Lightning wallet.


Joehoe’s mempool stats  – Bitcoin mempool charts since 2017 – Awesome bitcoin fee estimation site
fee-calculator – Alternative bitcoin fee estimation site with more options (amount inputs and outputs)
Bitcoin Fee Estimator – Calculates the optimal fee for your Bitcoin Transaction – Stats about Bitcoin mining, hashrate, blocks, transactions, fees, rewards, halving, difficulty
Bitcoin halving – Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown
Bitcoin rich list – Bitcoin distribution stats
Bitcoin dormant – Bitcoin sleeping stats
Bitcoin onchain stats  – Bitcoin adoption metrics, distribution, hodlers, whales, wallets, institutionals
Bitcoin fullnode count – Website tracking listening nodes (those that also share blockchaindata with fresh fullnodes)
Clarkmoody’s Bitcoin Dashboard – Awesome, feature-rich Bitcoin stats Dashboard
HODL waves – Bitcoin UTOX Age distribution – Bitcoin protocol layer statistics – Extensive Bitcoin, Blockchain, Lightning stats – Stats about the Bitcoin network uptime
Bitcoin On Exchanges – Stats about how many Bitcoin are held by which exchanges – Realtime amount of Bitcoin any person could own when fully equally distributed – Realtime stats like blockheight, avg. blocktime, hashrate, time to difficulty adjust, halving etc.


Bitcoin Hashrate Chart – Daily, weekly, monthly…etc chart since 2009
Bitcoin Difficulty Chart – Daily, weekly, monthly…etc chart since 2014
Bitcoin Blockchain Charts – Block details, mining information, network activity
Bitcoin Segwit adoption – Chart showing SegWit adoption over time
Bitcoin Taproot adoption – Chart showing percentage of transactions spending Taproot over time

Price – Bitcoin Price Chart from Bitstamp – Bitcoin Price Chart Kraken – Bitcoin Fair Price Calculator – Bitcoin Stock To Flow Model – Bitcoin Rainbow Price Chart – A website showing volatility of bitcoin, gold and usd since 2010 – A website showing bitcoin inflation rate since 2010
Fear&Greed Index – Emotions & sentimens analyzed and crunched into a simple number – Commodities priced in Bitcoin – Assets (including precious metals) ranked by marketcap – Compares Bitcoin to Gold regarding marketcap, performance, inflation, aims to track the “flippening” – Major fiat currency market cap in BTC – Displays Bitcoin price and other stats, good to be used as ticker Website for (mobile) devices – Displays the amount of sats that equal 1 US cent

ETFs – Bitcoin ETF Flow Table – Bitcoin ETFs Holdings denominated in BTC – Stats and charts about BTC holdings by states, institutions, companies including ETF related data


Bitcoin Core – The original Bitcoin core software implementation, plain and simple.
Umbrel – Very easy to setup fullnode suite containing everything you need, to be setup on Raspi 4B or on Linux (Ubuntu or Debian)
mynodeBTC – Easy to setup fullnode suite addressing semi advanced users, also offering premium subscription with one-click upgrades
RaspiBolt – Manually setup a Bitcoin and Lightning Fullnode on a Raspberry Pi addressed to advanced users and Linux enthusiasts
Minibolt – Same as Raspibolt but setup on usual Intel/AMD system with Ubuntu as OS, more up-to-date and optimized
RaspiBlitz – Another easy to setup and very open and transparent fullnode suite (not based on docker thus) easily configureable
Citadel – Another fullnode suite trying to be the more open and better Umbrel
EmbassyOS – Another fullnode suite for Raspi 4B or x86/AMD64 systems focused on high security and stability primarily over TOR
RoninDojo – Another fullnode suite primarily focusing on privacy and onchain BTC. No lighting integration.


Raspiblitz on Proxmox – How to setup Raspiblitz on Proxmox
Electrum over TOR on MacOS – How to setup and run Electrum over TOR on MacOS
Veracrypt on Tails – How to setup and use Veracrypt on Tails
Selfhost hardened Bitcoin Node – How to manually setup a Bitcoin Fullnode, Electrum Server over TOR
Migrate to Raspiblitz – How to Raspiblitz coming from either Umbrel, Citadel or MyNode


YT Channel by Andreas Antonopoulos – The one and only
YT Channel by BTC Sessions – Excellent channel about setting up fullnodes, Lightning nodes, using hardware wallets and much more
YT Channel by Ministry of Nodes – Excellent channel about manually setting up fullnodes, Lightning nodes, Electrum Node etc
YT Channel by CryptoGuide – Excellent channel about Bitcoin security, hardware wallets, indepth reviews
YT Channel by Stephan Livera – The famous Stephan Livera Podcasts with tons of great Bitcoin focused conversations
YT Channel by Peter McCormack – The famous “What Bitcoin Did” series with tons of great Bitcoin related conversations
YT Channel Bitcoin University – Educational Bitcoin channel offering high quality content focusing freedom and self-sovereignty


Andreas Antonopolous: On a “51% attack” – Andreas explains what happens in case of a 51% attack
BTCSessions: Permissionless zerotrust wallet with dice – How to create a BIP39 compatible permissionless wallet with dices
BTCSessions: Umbrel Node, parts, assembly, setup – How to build an Umbrel node using a Raspberry Pi 4. Complete setup and usage
BTCSessions: Umbrel Bitcoin and Lightning Usage (New) – Updated Umbrel node video focusing on Bitcoin and Lightning usage
BTCSessions: Using an old phone as a hardware wallet – How to create an offline signing device using an old phone
Ministry of Nodes: Node Box Setup Guide 2022 – Fully manual fullnode setup on Ubuntu incl. Lightning, many tools, Electrum Server…
Cryptoguide: DIY Trezor One on Raspberry Pi / Seedsigner – How to Setup / Transform SeedSigner into Trezor One
Cryptoguide: BIP39 compatible zerotrust wallet with dice – How to create BIP39 (Ledger/Trezor/Coldcard) compatible wallet with a dice
Cryptoguide: Securely withdrawing a Paperwallet – How to securely withdraw a paperwallet by offline signing using an airgapped phone


BIP39 Tool – Ian Coleman’s famous BIP39 tool. Don’t type your seed words there!!
BIP39 wallets – List of BIP39 compatible wallets, hardware and software
Transaction size calcuator – Calculates the size of a transaction by choosing the address type and amount of inputs and outputs
Veracrypt – Download latest Veracrypt Version. Successor of TrueCrypt. Highly secure open source encryption tool.
Tails – Privacy Linux Distribution offering secure enviromment e.g. for Electrum offline signing or playground for BIP39 Tool
Balena Etcher – Burn bootable OS Images onto SD-Cards and USB Drives
Tor Expert Bundle – Download Tor Expert Bundle and run Tor as a daemon. Private worldwide access to your node and its services – A website dedicated to verifying tons of wallets for different criterias such as type of custody, reproducibilty and more


/r/Bitcoin – Reddit Bitcoin, the world’s biggest Bitcoin communitiy – World’s second biggest Bitcoin community

Lightning – Lightning Network Search and Analyzing engine – Lightning Network Search and Channel Analyzing engine – Tons of services payable via Lightning
Blocktank’s inbound liquidity – Getting Lightning inbound liquidity quite cheaply


Jameson Lopp’s Bitcoin Website – The most complete Bitcoin resources on the net
Bitcoin Wiki – The Bitcoin Wiki Page, maintained be the Bitcoin community
Crypto-guide’s Website – Great resources regarding advanced Bitcoin security, tons of good content
BTCPayServer – The best Bitcoin Payment Processing solution outthere, Lightning support, completely free and open-source
DerGigi’s Website – Great thinker and writer, many recommendable essays about Bitcoin
Sun Knudsen’s privacy guide website on “Bitcoin” – Privacy focused Bitcoin guides – Awesome, educational resource on implementing Bitcoin and Lightning as payment option. – Start Living on Bitcoin – Find places where you can pay using Bitcoin
Bitcoin Github – Source code Bitcoin core publicly available, feel free to participate

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